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The Cats Whiskers Studio


I offer a digital mobile recording studio service at very low prices. Ideal for bands who would like to make some recordings in the comfort of their own rehearsal room. For smaller projects/solo artists, I have my own rehearsal rooms in Wallerstädten, which are very good for recording.


Cats Whiskers is a mobile recording service. I use top quality equipment to achieve quick, affordable and top-quality recordings. The idea is to save you time and money. Your equipment is already set up in your rehearsal room. Why move it? There's no need to tear down, go to a recording studio, set it all up again and then find yourself in a situation that's totally strange for you. With today's technology, I can be set up and  recording in an hour. You're in familiar surroundings, relaxed and can just concentrate on playing.

Let me come and visit you in your rehearsal room - it won't cost you anything! I can show you what's possible and how it all works.


I'm a musician - I know what's it like to go to a studio and get totally frustrated with long set-up times, a poor sound, no control over what's happening, an unsympathetic engineer etc. I work very hard to make sure that doesn't happen to my customers.


I'm also a sound engineer - my brother and I had an independent studio in London in the 70s, 80s and 90s. We made, for instance,  the first albums for the Pogues with Elvis Costello producing, and in that situation you really need to make sure your customers are happy.


So I have a musical and technical background and I combine those two areas of expertise into a creative experience for you. I won't just record you - I'll help you make the most of your abilities and take the stress out of recording.


Nigel Sharpe

Rathausstr. 4

65428 Rüsselsheim
Tel: +49 (0)6142 52325

Fax: +49 (0)3212 / 523 25 01