Part of my birthday celebrations at the MusicStation in Weiterstadt. This is the Country Superstar Jam Band with me, Dan Sizemore, Kevin Henderson, Klaus Lauterbach and Tom Angelmahr. This really went down well! Sorry about the sound quality - everything got a bit loud...

The nice people from the Musicbox, helping to celebrate my 25 years of membership!

This was my birthday gig at the MusicStation, 18 January. Really good night!

Redneck Saturday Night

words & music Nigel Sharpe



1.         Backwoods road, out in Oklahoma

            Old log shack, used to be a farm

            Pick-up trucks parked by the doorway

            Ready for a getaway if the law comes


Chorus            They call it the bar, it ain't no fancy tavern

                        You drink whisky by the pint and beer by the gallon

                        You're doing alright if you stay out of a fight

                        On a redneck saturday night

                        On a redneck saturday night


2.         Country music, playing on the radio

            Some folks dancing, raising up a storm

            No fancy clothes, no high-rolling cowboys

            Just good old boys out to have fun





3.         The moon's climbed high, the stars are a-shining

            Drinks are flowing and the music is loud

            Sirens wailing, blue lights flashing

            All hell's broke loose now the law has arrived


            CHORUS  x  2


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