The Sultan of Twang!

In the Rumpelkammer
In the Rumpelkammer

I came to Germany a long time ago to play country music on the American bases. It's been an interesting journey since then. I'll be completing the story in the coming months...

I guess I can split my time in Germany into different periods. The first would be the original Gunsmoke band, with Rainer, Mike and Nick. After the original members left the band then evolved into Gunpoint with the addition of two members of the Breakpoint band. Basically I had to leave my own band to escape the poisoned chalice it had become. But Gunsmoke gradually found its way again with the help of Tony Hewitt and Barney Beier. With the return of Rainer we estabished ourselves in the German country scene and issued the third, and final, Gunsmoke CD. We were also able to play material from all three albums, which was very satisfying for me. And now I'm bringing some of these songs back in my solo show. It's nice to be able to sing lead vocals on songs that I wrote for myself!

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