Sorry about 2018! I mostly use Facebook these days for all event listings, infos etc. (just look for Nigel Sharpe).... Over the Christmas break I'll make a start on what's coming up in 2019.

Here are the shows for 2017, booked so far. Besides these public events there are some private events which I haven't listed.

There are also regular sessions that I go to and play.

1st Monday of every month - Kulturkeller Höchst. The Stormy Monday blues session.

3rd Thursday of every month - Gaststätte 'Zum Rühl', Kurmainzer Str. 50, Oberursel-Weißkirchen

Every Wednesday - Sports Bar in H+ Hotel, Königsteiner Str. 88, Bad Soden

2017 Shows


Frankfurt Festzelt, Homburger Landstrasse 279 (hinten) ab 20.00

Sharpe Shooters


Darmstadt, Altes Schalthaus, Rodensteinweg 2. Frühschoppen



Ober-Mörlen, Kremermühle 1, US Car & Bike Show, ab 11.30



Bad Kreuznach, Markthaus, Hans-Schumm-Str. 4, ab 20.00

New Tricks


Schneppenhausen, Nickelsmuehle-Biergarten, Schneppenhäuserstr. 51, ab 17.00




Bad Sobernheim, Pub Altstadteck, Kreuzstr., ab 20.30

New Tricks


Königstädten, SV Alemannia, Bärenstübbsche, ab 15.00

New Tricks


Bad Kreuznach, Markthaus, Festzelt, Mittags



Schweppenhausen Kerb

New Tricks



It's another new year... who knows what it will bring? I hope to finish the folk album. Hopefully with some assistance from Jule and Wollvieh... Some more solo gigs would be nice... hopefully there'll also be plenty of gigs for the rock trio 'New Tricks'. Here's a short clip from November, in the PUR pub in Bad Münster:  



Belated greetings, O Website Visitor! After many weeks of being poorly, then insanely busy and a good pinch of laziness, I'm back!

I think I'll just skip the beginning of 2015, which was mainly depressing. But now the sun has returned (hip, hip, hooray) things are looking up. I was playing at the Music Fair in Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago and not only was it enjoyable but also threw up some useful contacts and possibilities. I already posted on Facebook, but here are some of the pictures again. And that's it!

Just a short clip of me and Helt at his stand, demonstrating the Natural One compact sound system. That's a Mayson guitar I'm playing, the company I was demonstrating for. Hopefully there'll be more such clips, coming along soon!


Heck, it's November, four weeks to Christmas, and this website is way behind. Mostly because I'm way busy right now. Which is Good (as it means I'm working) and Bad (because I don't have enough time to do all the things I'd love to be doing - oh Lord, please let me win the lottery!)


So I've played a few gigs and I've been to France and my studio is coming back together and I'm looking forward to my 65th birthday party... and lots of other stuff. Have a look at the 'Shows' page for the latest info there. I now have a date for New Year's Eve in the Alemania in Königstädten, which is extremely cool.

As soon as the studio is ready to go I'll be updating the Studio page.

My custom Mississippi Licence Plate Resonator Guitar
My custom Mississippi Licence Plate Resonator Guitar

This was made for me by Servaas Bollen at Gumbo Guitars near Rotterdam, Holland. I spent a lovely weekend in Rotterdam when I picked it up. Thanks Servaas!

Made in Holland!
Made in Holland!
Flower Power
Flower Power

This is a custom pickguard for one of my Teles - looks really nice. Great job from SBB Guitars! Stefan's the man to talk to. Very good service....

New show added for the Dos Amigos pub in Ruesselsheim - Friday 20 June. Come one, come all!

There's no stopping technology.... I'm currently sorting out having all my lyrics, sheet music and such available on my iPad (which will be mounted to my mic stand). And then there'll be a foot-pedal page turner, connected via Bluetooth, to control it all... oh frabjous day!

Oh my, way behind on the website! Okay, today's updates will include all recent gigs received, some photos and video clips of the Musik Messe in Frankfurt and general tittle-tattle. The new video clips are under 'Media'. The photos are right here...


Most of this stuff has already been posted on my Facebook site, but if you're not linked to that you'll find it here.

Here's a short video from the music fair... I'm playing one of the Mayson guitars at their stand. Nice guitars - look good, sound good, good price! 

Here's another a clip from the fair. Jeff Waters shredding away at the Gibson / Moto Dome stand!

Let's put up some photos - how about these good-looking guys as your screen saver?

This is from my London trip in January. The Science Museum and the background to LHC (Large Hadron Collider). That's particles travelling at the speed of light... 

...which clearly is not the case for Stephenson's Rocket. Mind you, back in the day it must have seemed pretty nippy...

This a cross-section of one of the LHC analysis drums. Some serious computing power going on in there. The information is shared around the world and the ability to share that information is the basis of what we now know as the world wide web.

A Gooner visits the Emirates Stadium - home of Arsenal FC. It's Mecca to me...

And here's a selection of other images from the last weeks:

Dipping into the Space-Time Continuum

Bottles of Beer (very tasty)

Me in the local newspaper - 25 years of membership in my local choir

Three pictures from Kalli & Barbara's 45th wedding anniversary - great party!

The John Lennon bus at the Frankfurt Music Fair (a magical mystery tour?)

Some guitars wot I played at the fair.





The year starts here...

Well, it started well! Nice gig at the Dos Amigos, even with the problems they've had in the last couple of months. Today, I'm just recovering....then I'm going to pack my bag, ready for my train trip to England tomorrow. Science Museum and Arsenal, here I come! I'll be adding my comments and photos as I can...

And it just got better! Great gig at the MusicStation in Weiterstadt. Very nice club with a great atmosphere and the perfect audience. Check out my Facebook site for a video of the Superstar Jam Band performing 'Old Dan Tucker'. Or go the 'Media' page...


On the Media page is the video for 'Tulsa Time'.

Welcome to my site!

This is a little site where you can contact me, check out upcoming shows, look at photos, listen to a little music and catch up on any news.

Well, the New Year is here! Let's hope that things will continue positively on the music side of my life. I'm looking forward to working with Tony Hewitt on his project. The recordings have been very good, so far. Now for working it out live on stage!

Thanks already for some of the feedback I've received. Your ideas are gratefully received! I've already added a blog with photos and lyrics for the featured video. I'll be making more videos of my own songs over the coming weeks and adding lyrics as well. 


Clicking on the Music for Good picture will take you to my ReverbNation page...

Woohoo! I finally found a very old video that I was involved in, shortly before I came to Germany. Check this out...


Some Photos

Here's some photos from 'Vatertag' in Trebur. All rights reserved

(Fotoquelle/Urheberrecht K.L. Wenzel).

The Logo is here!

Rainbow Telecaster!
One refurbished Tele

Here's an edited photo of my new/old Telecaster. I created this effect with the Vintique App on my iPad. Lotsa fun!


This is a late Sixties Fender Telecaster, that used to be my main stage guitar. I replaced the pick-ups in the eighties and used it for a couple more years, after which I switched to playing Strats. But it's time for a comeback, so apart from the machine heads, all the hardware has been replaced - even the strap buttons!


The best parts are the new pick-ups - handwound from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the UK. These are the Country Boy pair. That's me!

Something Special from Günter Mahr
Nice one Günny!

So, this is my new logo - hope y'all like it...


I hope to get this on some custom picks as well as banners, cards, posters, stickers and the like. Let me know if you have any suggestions...

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